Hand Crafted Plant Supports

A range of plant supports designed to provide architectural structure within the garden whilst also complimenting and enhancing the plants features; after all they are the real stars of the garden.


We now produce all our range in options of Rusted, Galvanised and Powder Coated in Black, Dark Green or Silver.

  • Hartington Range

  • Butterton Range

  • Castleton Range

  • Tissington Range

  • Square Column Obelisk

  • Square Obelisk

  • Square Topiary Obelisk

  • Rectangular Column Obelisk

  • Round Obelisk

  • Herbaceous Plant Support

  • Hoop Edging Supports

  • Wrap Around Support

  • Wrap Around Single Stem Support

  • Stepovers Supports

  • Alton Obelisk

  • Basket Stems

  • Classic Obelisk

  • Ashbourne Obelisk

  • Kingsley Obelisk

  • Large Shrub Support

  • Lobster Pot

  • Onion Cage

  • Pergolas & Gazebos

  • Hartington Obelisk

  • Butterton Obelisk

  • Tissington Obelisk

  • Rose Arches

  • Arch Trellis

About us

Garry Szafranski is an award winning garden designer with many years experience in the garden Design, Landscaping & Horticultural industry.

Having searched for the right plant supports for a client during a design project he was working on back in 2009 he became increasingly frustrated that he was unable to find what he was looking for, it was at this point that he decided to make his own. Having some engineering background this seemed the obvious solution.

The client wanted a variety of plant supports with a common theme to support a range of plants including Roses, Peony, Delphinium and Clematis, that could remain in the garden during the winter months to help provide structural interest, the finish was to be left natural to rust over time, this he was to achieve with great effect.

Pleased with the results & the satisfaction from creating these supports Garry decided to produce a small range of supports in various sizes & finishes to use in his own garden.

After many requests to produce them for friends & clients he decided to concentrate on producing a range that would cater for all needs and so Artisan Plant Supports was born.

The design of his plant supports was to remain simple yet attractive and is intended to support and enhance the plants features & not to overshadow them, after all they are the real stars of the garden.

Garry Szafranski Welding

Artisan Plant Supports now produce all their range in options of Rusted, Galvanised or Powder Coated in Black, Dark Green or Silver.

Some clients prefer a little more from their plant supports and so they also offer a bespoke service in which they can create a support to meet your individual requirements in a range of colours along with the option to have decorative finishes added.

  • Plant Support
  • Plant Support
  • Plant Support

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